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 FAQ about double action gravity feed type airbrush HS-30:

 1.       How to make sure airbrush can work

Before using, connect airbrush to compressor, pressing down on trigger (#9) to check whether air come out smoothly. Then pour water into airbrush cup, pressing down on trigger (#9) then pull it back to check whether water is released smoothly.

Above steps to make sure the airbrush works normally.


2.       FAQ about using airbrush


Question 1, why only air but no liquid come out from airbrush sometimes?

Answer: nozzle(#3) is blocked by needle(#5). You need to unload the handle(#16) that protect the needle, retighten the needle lock nut(#15), and move the actuating lever(#9) to ensure needle (#5 )is moving at the same time.


Question 2: some users find there is only air but no liquid come out from airbrush, and air bubbles continuously coming out from airbrush cup at the same time.

Answer: nozzle cap (#2) is loose. To retighten the nozzle cap can solve it.  


3. how to maintain airbrush:

Please keep it in mind that any airbrush need to be maintained. The key to maintain airbrush is cleaning airbrush correctly :


airbrush nozzle is only 0.2mm to 0.3mm, so if left paints is not cleaned in time, airbrush nozzle is easily stuck, which result airbrush can’t be normally used any more.

a.       Cleaning airbrush nozzle (#3):

When using airbrush, nozzle is easily stuck because of liquid flowing stop. The nozzle must be cleaned before the paint gets dry. Otherwise, cleaning is useless, and the nozzle needs changed.


After using of airbrush, spray out all the paints, then dip the whole head of airbrush in thinners and spray airbrush continually. When there is no paints out, pour the thinners in airbrush cup, and pull away the airbrush needle, then stuck the airbrush nozzle with finger and spray airbrush. The air and liquid will shocked around in nozzle, which will help paints be dissolved completely. Repeat this step several times, airbrush nozzle will be cleaned totally.


b.       cleaning airbrush needle(#5)


dip needle in the water for a while, and paint will remove easily. Then

take the needle out, and wipe it dry.


c.       Cleaning needle cup(#1)


Keep the whole needle cup dipped in  thinner for a while, and cleaing it with cleaning brush t.  then wipe it dry .


Following is the part list of airbrush HS-30: