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Normal exhaust of air compressor
DATE:2016-5-24   VISITORS:1020

Air compressor exhaust volume, to a certain extent, in fact, is the embodiment of the quality and efficiency of the equipment, it is usually affected by several factors.

1, leakage: the rotor, between the rotor and the shell at the time of work will have a gap, not directly contact, so it will be a gas leak. The gas pressure increased after leaking into the suction pipe and the suction slot is engaged through the gap, will lead to reduce the amount of exhaust gas. So let the maximum amount of leakage less, sealing tooth is at the top of the teeth of the driven rotor, active rotor tooth open with a sealing groove, surface processing ring or strip of seal teeth. But in case of the sealing line wear, leakage will increase, the amount of exhaust reduction.

2, the suction state: screw compressor is a volume type compressor, the volume of air. When the suction temperature is increased, or the suction pipe resistance is too large to reduce the pressure of the gas, the gas density decreases, accordingly will reduce the amount of gas exhaust.

3, cooling effect: when the gas is compressed, the temperature will rise, the temperature of the rotor and casing will be increased. During inspiration, the gas will be heated rotor and casing expansion, reduce the amount of. Air compressor rotor sometimes uses oil cooling, the housing water cooling, the main reason is to let the temperature down. If the cooling performance is poor, the temperature will rise, and the exhaust gas will be reduced.

4, speed: screw compressor exhaust volume and speed is proportional to. Speed will vary with the voltage and frequency of the power network. When the voltage is reduced or the frequency is reduced, the speed will drop, so that the gas consumption is reduced.

Therefore, to control the air compressor exhaust, we must first know its influence factors, so as to develop the most suitable operation scheme.