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Pop trends in twenty-first Century
DATE:2016-12-10   VISITORS:925

Pop trends in twenty-first Century

Try painting pen, you use spray painting? In recent years, gun painting career, gradually burst red.

Spray gun (Airbrush), a small, pen like device, can be a high pressure, water-based paint, in order to get a level of change in the picture. The term is also used in digital image processing system, which is similar to the traditional function of the gun. The operator can control the scale, pressure and color concentration of the thing with the electronic pen of the digital graphic input board or the mouse.

Painting will gradually become a computer control, this profession will gradually grow. In the rapidly changing twenty-first Century, we will be updated, more sophisticated, more environmentally friendly technology and equipment, to help businesses lay the foundation for success. Especially in the increasingly fierce competitive environment, we will as in the past, adhere to the "innovation and change, seek good", in the future of the business philosophy, we will "create profits for customers" as a direction, "exceed customer needs" for the pursuit of goals, expect to gain your support and love continue. Work hand in hand with customers and develop together.