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What is the control of the spray gun
DATE:2016-12-12   VISITORS:3217

The gun is controlled by the trigger. The trigger button is deeper, the greater the liquid flow rate. Electrostatic spraying equipment in the process of the traditional gun, the trigger is always button, not a half button. In order to avoid the accumulation of every walk at the end of the spray gun spray coating, experienced to slightly relax the trigger, to reduce the amount of paint for.

Spray gun on the surface of the substrate should be maintained vertical, or as far as possible to maintain the vertical. If the gun has a little askew, the result will cause the side spray image with the flow, and the other side is thin, lack of paint, most likely caused by stripe coating.

The siphon type spray gun, the best interval is 15~20cm. If the distance is too close, it may produce inconsistent flows, and may even cause color and anticipation in spraying metallic paint or pearlescent paint. If the distance is too far. More than 20cm, it may lead to dry spray, spray, so that the paint flow adjustment. There may be a chance of a color shift if the paint is painted. The pressure type spray gun can be far away from the substrate. General optimal interval between 20 to 30cm. These are the principles that must be followed when spraying construction.