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Airbrush tattoo market potential
DATE:2016-12-23   VISITORS:4708

The body painting also known as printing is a temporary tattoo, tattoo art (Disposable Tattoo), which is used in human skin airbrush printing out a beautiful picture, is a perfect combination of art and tattoo. Because of temporary tattoos than traditional tattoos, neither harm the skin, painless, not afraid of washing, you can also maintain 7-10 days, so swept the world. Tattoo ink printing commonly used (tattoo ink) are imported from South Korea, will not cause skin allergies, so that the beauty of the inkjet tattoo new-new generation is very popular, can make inkjet tattooing pen painting belongs to own a dream, a mood and a belief in the body, so as to express yourself the unique aesthetic ideas, the Chi Mei art is attracting every one of you rub shoulders with surface of the people

Airbrush tattoo originated in India, then the all-round development of the Hollywood in the United states. At present the project in Europe and the United States has a broad market space. Said the airbrush tattoo world the one and only a bit too much. Because it is quite traditional tattoo advantage is so obvious, and these advantages is precisely the problem has been plagued by traditional tattoos continue to develop:

1, temporary, human body painting in preservation time up to 7-10 days, with personal preferences can transform arbitrary pattern;

2, environmental protection, the basic raw material of human pigment printing with top international like product of the raw materials of the same body, non-toxic, no side effects, and contains a variety of natural plant essence, customers can rest assured that bold action;

3, diversity, template covering figures, animal, flowers, totem, cartoons and other numerous categories for human printing, customer choice pattern is very wide range;

4, low price, body painting and tattoos (tattoo gun) and the art of painting has great advantages compared to the price, cost only a few yuan can enjoy the perfect body art, there is a great temptation for the vast number of consumers;

5, the quality of design, template for human printing are professional engraver hand carved by hand, the template itself contains very high artistic value.

For the above advantages, inkjet tattoo market potential will be limited, at present, inkjet tattoo (tattoo supplies) China in the mainland market is still in the blank, the project has a very large development space, in the next 3-5 years the project greatly increased space. If the initial choice of the market, or expand a business channel, body painting is the best choice.