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How to choose the high quality car pump?
DATE:2017-1-6   VISITORS:4798

Tire pressure is directly related to the safety and economy of the vehicle. In order to prevent the outbreak of the situation and reduce fuel consumption, daily life should pay attention to the tire to maintain the normal tire pressure, and at any time to observe whether the tread conforms to safety standards.

The vehicle pump has the advantages of small volume, convenient carrying, high efficiency, air speed, vehicle configuration can effectively maintain the normal tire pressure in the tire, save petrol, tyres, more in a flat tire, can play its emergency function, ensure traffic safety.

How to choose the high quality car pump?

1, air quantity: car pump outlet is the most important factor to consider before purchasing. A completely flat tire, tire pressure can be quickly hit up to normal value, flow rate of at least 30L/Min. Therefore, before the purchase to fully understand the various parameters of the pump well.

2, the size of the power and power pump is not the bigger the better, will depend on the specific you want to what types of tire inflation, like SUV or minivan that power can be selected slightly larger, but if it is household car, the general single cylinder 130w-180w can meet the demand.

3, random allocation: currently on the market of high quality car air pump pump in addition to the host, but also according to the need of use with other practical accessories, provide convenience to help other tire inflation, often have long ball needle, gas nozzle, nozzle, air tube group, shortness of breath, can be easily applied to various types of inflatable articles.

4, with tire pressure table: the market for most pump has built-in tire pressure table function, but not all built-in tire pressure gauges are accurate readings. Tire tire pressure to be more accurate and stable, tire pressure gauge is very important. The current vehicle brands of pump products are used for tire pressure table integration design of embedded system, which can effectively avoid the tire pressure table was hit and loose, resulting in inaccurate measurement data.

5, according to the vehicle: car pump with single and twin cylinder two types of vehicle general single cylinder air pump disadvantage is inflation time long, difficult to inflate the larger car, but the price will be relatively cheaper. But now there are single cylinder products are doing quite well, pumping speed can also be comparable to some double cylinder products. The pump twin cylinder although the price is slightly more expensive, but wins in the pressure foot, inflatable speed, whether it is domestic ordinary cars, or large commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, air is no problem, but here suggest the owners of friends according to their own choice models, is good enough, do not blindly the pursuit of high power and double cylinder pump.

6, material: the choice of heat radiating materials determines the service life of the air pump. High quality radiating materials to effectively protect the body, prolong the life of the machine, and once worked for a long time. The radiating material here mainly refers to the material of the cylinder, the cylinder material has many kinds, including Aluminum Alloy cylinder, high density steel or other metal, the best material for the anode cooling cylinder Aluminum Alloy cylinder. Here's what is the anode aluminum alloy, simply speaking is the metal or alloy parts as anode treatment, the use of electrolytic method to form the surface of the oxide film. The metal oxide film has changed the surface state and the metal surface, this method is widely used in mechanical parts, aircraft parts, precision instruments and wireless electrical appliances, etc..

7, noise: the traditional pump noise, makes the ears suffer, but the progress of science and technology makes this a perfect improvement. There are many factors influencing the size of machine noise, the first is the most traditional motor, motor gear type motor and machine friction noise, without gear motor can effectively reduce friction, the noise reduction, and more horsepower foot, large torque, high efficiency. Second is to look at the operation of the piston ring and the stability of the whole machine.

8, the various functions of the traditional pump for inflating, but now there are many kinds of functions as some pump pump can also be used in the home storage, Home Furnishing cleaning range, but also with a variety of functions, such as working with lighting lamp, with continuous / intermittent discharge Qigong can discourage a lot of useless. Owners can choose according to their own needs.

9, motor: the motor pump is the heart, look at the quality is the key to a pump or to use what kind of motors, the motor service life can reach more than 10 years, and the motor of some poor life less than a year. In addition, the motor design should fully consider the heat dissipation, to avoid the high working temperature for a long time.

10 other details: a high quality car pump, not only material to material quality, process design is also an important factor. In the choice of pump, to look for the brand, will have quality and customer service guarantee.