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Painted tattoos incoming hot!
DATE:2017-1-17   VISITORS:5090

Human body prints and prints a tattoo. English full name airbrush temporary tattoo, is a kind of temporary tattoo art, also is to use spray on the person's skin to print out a beautiful picture, is that a tattoo and the perfect combination of art. Due to temporary tattoo way than traditional tattoo, do not harm the skin, no pain, is not afraid of water, can also maintain 10 days time, so popular in the world.

Prints are usually used in the raw materials are imported formula, does not cause skin irritation. So that those wanting a new new mankind very favour, can let the print artist in the body with the spray print out their own with a dream, a mood, and a kind of belief, thus to express their own unique aesthetic thoughts, this kind of strange beauty art attracts every one of you pass.